„Mount Vista is an iPad app for travel enthusiasts with wanderlust. Your desire for vacation and sun can be satisfied. Mount Vista provides maps, country and city lists to discover wonderful places in the entire world - fast and easy.”

Finding the place youwas never easier

Select from over 25.000 cities in the world a location you like. Choose a nice beach on the virgin island or science lab on the north pole, Mount Vista has them all.

Stunning views

Waterside landscapes

Mountain views

Your next vacation destination is waiting for you

A beautiful map allows you to discover hidden treasures and lost islands. Be the pirate you always wanted to be.

The British Virgin Islands

Planetarium, Mexico

Pinguins, Antarctica

Niagara Falls, Canada

Cooper Islands , Virgin Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands

Volcano, Popocatepetl

Togir, Croatia

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Have your favorite place on your finger tip

All your favorite places are accessible on a interactive map. See at a glance what's happening at your points of interests.

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